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Wayne’s Pivots Pro

– Works on all timeframes.
– Set up alerts for bullish or bearish biased pivots.
– Realtime update for the next period’s pivot points.
– Biased Pivots shows only pivots relevant to a set trading bias. (Bullish, Bearish, Range, and Out of Position)
– Condition Icons show when pivots are compressed, expanding, increasing, or decreasing compared to the prior pivot at a glace.
– Extra pivots compared to the free version. (R3, M5, M0, S3)
– Customize the color, size, and style of every part of the indicator.

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Pivot Probabilities

– See the historical probability of an open, high, low, or close occurring between any two pivots for a specified month or week of the year.
– Probability Dashboard tells you the statistics of how trading strategies for Wayne’s Pivots has performed historically. Giving greater insight into biased strategy selection.
– Get probabilities for any month or week if you want to do research.
– Identify when “fat tail” event risk is high for any week or month.

– Comes with Wayne’s Pivots Pro. (keep it after subscription ends)
– Access to the private #pivot-prob-subs Discord trading room.
– Get 1 on 1 instruction from Joe Baus at request.
– Private playlist of old and new instruction and analysis videos.

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